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Pages on DigiTax dashboard
Pages on DigiTax dashboard

High-level pages available on DigiTax

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Below are high-level pages available on DigiTax.

DigiTax Dashboard homepage

After logging in, you see a list of organizations you are part of. For example, if you are in three organizations, expect a similar screen as below.

This is the DigiTax Dashboard homepage.

Organization homepage

Click on the organization of your choice to reveal its businesses (branches, or businesses it manages)

This is the Organization homepage.

Switching Organisations

From this homepage, you can easily switch between Organisations by clicking on the top most hamburger icon.

Click the Organization of choice on the list to switch to it.

Notice that you can also search through Organizations by entering characters on the "Search" field. The list will filter based on your search entry.

Click View all organizations to go to the dashboard homepage and view all organizations.

Business homepage

Then click on the business of your choice to get to the business homepage.

This is the Business homepage.

Switching Businesses

From this homepage, you can easily switch between businesses by clicking on the top button: Businesses.

This redirects you to the Organisations homepage, where you can go ahead and click another business to go to its Business homepage.

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